Long distance is only for people who are willing to go through hell for people they love.
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hannibal is a bad show because like why dont they just send robocop after hannibal?? he cant eat a robot. he literally cant stop him

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I’m gonna see my boyfriend soon I think and I was thinking of buying something special but after like an hour of browsing lingerie online I was like oh god who the fuck cares like holy shit and I ended up watching an entire season of gossip girl

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me: how come you don’t post pictures of me

him: do you want me to? i can right now if you want

me: no. i don’t want you to do it cause i told you to do it

him: then what hell do you want

me: i want you to want to post one of me without me telling you to

him: ok well i wanna post one right now

me: no. just no. it’s literally too late literally the moment is ruined you literally ruined it

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old stupid texts that shouldn’t matter still make me cry

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Original Card
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Milk looks so weird milk is disgusting

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